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Unleash your inner CEO.

Join Dojo as a self-employed sales consultant and you’ll get the opportunity to be your own boss with our full support. All you need is passion, dedication – and a little bit of charm.

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By business, for business.

The card payments industry needed a breath of fresh air. So we got to work.

We listened to businesses’ wants and needs, their problems and pains – and as a result, created something truly transformative.

Say hello to Dojo. The card machine solution built specifically with business owners in mind.

And with your help, Dojo can give businesses everywhere the tools they truly want.

Want to be part of something incredible?

We’ll provide the building blocks, you build your business empire.

Do it your way

Here’s a thought: what if you didn’t have to choose between flexible hours and a good honest income?

A day in the life

Meet Tavis, he bet himself he could beat his salary within the first month at Dojo — here's how he’s doing, ten months later.

A product you can believe in.

Being a self-employed seller gives you the best of all worlds, but success is hugely dependent on the product you’re selling. Is it new? Is it noteworthy? Is it needed? For many sales jobs, the answer is no. With Dojo, it’s built to bust customer pain points, so it flies off the shelf.

An empire-life balance

Even the best and brightest entrepreneurs take some time out to party.

We want our Consultants to have fun, share experiences and build a community together —so nights out and away days are part of the norm at Dojo.

And you won’t want to miss our legendary conferences.

Get started.

Join our Sales Director, Steve Cummings, at our next webinar to find out everything you need to know about the role and start building your business empire.